Hello, Happy New Year, Scribble!

Hello! So this is the first time I’m using wordpress. I decided to make one because well yeah I just wanna try something new hahaha

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year will be a blast year for all of us! 😀

Around like 2 hours ago, MBLAQ released their teaser for their 4th mini album: Scribble! I personally really love the song because it’s something new for me to hear from the K-Pop world. Sometimes I hear this kind of song in K-Pop’s singer album but not as their title song. So I guess it’s fresh start for MBLAQ and I hope they will win the 1st place on music programs!

But for me, seeing Joon with a gun and killed a woman…hm dejavu much? Remember the Y MV? Yeah feeling betrayed and all and he killed his girlfriend. Not trying to be a pro but if they want to make a music video with a gun and killed a woman, shouldn’t they chose other member to do it? I know Joon kinda look like a bad boy (but also a fool) but I guess G.O could do the role too.

But anyway, I just can’t wait for this album! January 3rd come faster juseyo!

Guys please play it on Youtube so their views will be rising!

Source: jtunecamp @ youtube


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