B1A4 To Make A Comeback This Month?

Okay so I opened my Twitter and there I found rumors about B1A4 to make a comeback this month. I was like HELL YEAH FINALLY!! To be honest, I’ve been waiting for their comeback since like…….uhm forever? Well anyway I told myself not to believing this news first because WM Entertainment haven’t say anything about B1A4’s comeback.

I know you guys are confused so let me explain about the whole thing. I read flightb1a4’s tweets about this.

At first they wrote: According to a news article, B1A4 will be releasing their third mini album in Janurary. Source: http://joynews.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_serial=627674&g_menu=700300

And then: Please take this news with a pinch of salt though, as the comeback is NOT confirmed by WM Entertainment in any way (yet)

And also: Another news site stated that even though the exact date hasn’t been set yet, B1A4 will have their comeback this month.

I told myself not to be over excited. BUT THIS IS B1A4!!!!!!!!! But then again, let’s just hope they will make their comeback this month!

See you soon on music programs Dongwoo, Jinyoung, Junghwan, Sunwoo & Chanshik!

Source: flightb1a4 @ twitter


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