Idol Star Athletic Championship 2012 & Sky!

Em okay this is kinda confusing. I read some articles that said f(x) will participate on this event. But I haven’t see any of their pics on tumblr or twitter -_- So are they really participating or not? I don’t think this year’s event will be as fun as last year’s because 2PM and f(x) aren’t participate but then again, who knows? Let’s just wait until we get to see it on the 24th đŸ™‚

Oh have you guys heard B1A4’s Sky? The Take Care of Us, Captain’s OST? Well I bet most of you have but I just download it last night (call me late). And damn B1A4’s songs are addicting! I love (almost) all of their songs especially Chu Chu Chu. The title is kinda funny but it really is addicting! And yet, Sky is another addictive song of B1A4.

If you guys haven’t heard it, I recommend you to download it. You will find it A LOT on 4shared đŸ™‚


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