Dropping By To Say Hello!

Ok so it’s June 13th 2013.

Yes, yes I haven’t wrote anything in my wordpress since like forever! I do writes in wordpress but in Koreanindo so…yeah.

I decided to open my personal website this morning and I was shocked when I found out that the last time I write something in here is when I was still in 11th grade! And now I’m graduated! YAY! /throws confetti/ /drags exo/ 

Oh, and I feel like I want to change my username from ‘mangotaengoo’ to ‘hykwon’ just like my tumblr and code:exo username. Well, should I?

Ok guys, let me know! You can comment here and tell me if I should change my username or not 😀 –not even expecting a person would comment, though–

Anyways, since I don’t know what to write now so I’m outta here!

Here’s a SuperYeol gif that I made a few days ago~ I’ve posted this on my tumblr, though. Enjoy!



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